Perpetual change

We are always in a state of perpetual change. It’s an inevitable & inextricable fact. Every relationship whether it be intimate, celestial, social, environmental, intellectual is ebbing , flowing, waxing , waning , birthing and dying in every living moment. ‘For everything a season, turn turn turn’ So can we learn to accept this fact. Face the future with welcome, warmth & curiosity. I know it’s a challenge, When we are continuously exposed to hostility & pointing fingers , made to feel afraid , guilty, powerless, vulnerable, pointless, unworthy.. yet the thing is we can’t even really forecast the weather accurately from one day to the next? So surely that kind of certainty is a form of hubris? Inflated Propaganda?

What is certain is that we really don’t have any real choice other than to begin to think differently, relate differently, redesign & prototype ways to live differently. The most potent action today , right now is to address the environmental impact you are having in your own life? Are you adding value, adaptability, creativity Or are you being a pest , investing stress, frustration,resistance & fear into this living field we all shape & share.

There’s always a different way. There’s always today, to trigger a change. It’s simply there waiting as a thought you haven’t had yet. A feeling you’ve never allowed or ever explored. A simple act of courage you didn’t feel you had the strength to deliver. Aren’t endings simply beginnings yet to be welcomed, named and invited in ? Like a stranger waiting to become a cherished & faithful friend.

portrait of Luna

Andres NorenComment