Finding a sweetness in yesterday's ashes

Have our lives been besieged by friendly fire, by self sabotage? Shooting down the very opportunities & ambushing the relationships that continuously invite us to go beyond ourselves. To explore our deeper possibilities, broader opportunities for self discovery, shared experience & personal growth.

If our conditions of life have become hostile waters. Then any invitation to reconsider the experience we are having , upgrade or alter our course will always appear as a threat. Change then becomes a risk to our security, our stability. So we make do as a strategy. Consolidate, rebrand, defend what we know have become meagre offerings. So we keep the truth under cover. Our fears at arms length. Holding our breath...waiting to be relieved, hoping to be rescued..

The peace, understanding & healing that Vedic Mediation can deliver, can go a long way to help rebuild our self worth. And turn up the awareness of how ‘self sourced’, richly supported we really are. Restoring clarity, confidence and courage in our own capabilities. So Today could be the day you emerge, come out of the bunker, take a breath. Life is always waiting for you. Expecting you. Without judgement, nothing to make up for. But offering you everything to make a start with

The moment you take that first step Somewhere , something, someone starts moving towards you. Inexorably finding its way to you. It knows where to find you. Will always recognise you, gift you and only you. The very thing that will turn you towards your fullest expression. Revealing a unique view into you, that’s always been there waiting to be rediscovered, a new way back into your life, a new conversation ready to be explored, like a ripeness that’s ready to be harvested, shared & enjoyed

Andres Noren