Andres Noren

Andrés Norèn is the Founder & Director of Still Moments Meditation.

He is a long term teacher of Vedic Meditation and an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant. Mentored by leaders in the field, he completed his training in Northern India at the foot of the Himalayas.

He applies this ancient health and well being technology in a contemporary and relatable way, with an approach that focuses on the immediate and everyday experiences of his clients.

He is committed to helping his clients to find the peace, balance and inner strength so that they can inhabit their lives more fully, taking a step towards a sustainable, creative and fulfilling future.

Andres teaches and mentors professionals and creatives from diverse fields and industries, both in the UK and internationally. He is based in East London.

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"Over time I’ve found this practice restores the heart and mind, like the voice of a good friend after a difficult day. It offers us a beautiful form of courage that guides us through life’s difficulties and gives us permission to deserve its delights. In its simplicity it reveals a radical way to happiness, at a time that continuously challenges our well being. These honest, silent and still moments teach us how."


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