Based in London, Still Moments Meditation was founded by Andrés Norèn.

Vedic Meditation is a simple, natural, mental technique that is practised sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. This practical process is designed to rest the body deeply and settle the mind into a more peaceful, less agitated state. Regular contact with this restful condition releases the deep stresses and soothes mental turmoil that can burden our daily experiences. 


With daily practice of this powerful meditation technique, we can cultivate the mental clarity, physical wellbeing and emotional balance that enables us to regain a fuller and happier life.

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our body and mind from the stresses of living that keep us out of step with our own needs, our intimate rhythms and motivations. Doing so restores our stability and ability to be fully present here, as ourselves. We no longer have to fight, run and hide from the truth of our own lives.


the distancing and often divisive relationships we have with our emotions. Vedic Meditation helps us listen to and understand that our emotions often become challenging and difficult because they are trying to tell us something vital, something important, which we have been ignoring and continuously pushing away.


us from negative patterns of belief and the poor mental hygiene they cultivate and enforce. We can begin to develop
a less doubtful and more positive understanding of our place and purpose here.


our capability to self-verify by refining the rational and relational tools we use every day. Rather than constantly looking to others for permission, we learn to how to find and reveal the answers we need from within our own intimate living experience.


our resolve and gives us the courage we need to step off the treadmill of seeking and resisting everything other than what we truly need. And embracing the gifts and invitations that our life is always offering us in every moment.

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The teaching process is practical and straightforward, delivering ancient wisdom in a contemporary and relevant way while equipping you with the tools, knowledge and understanding necessary to sustain a self-sufficient daily practice.

The approach is conversational, life-centred, focusing on direct personal experience and creative self development.

Meditation refines the practice of human living.

All photos on Instagram feed taken by Andres on iPhone & DSLR Camera

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