How to arrive as yourself

Make this year the one we finally arrive. Stepping fully into your own shoes.Taking your own weight again. Learning how to stand again, here, in your own skin , in your own life”

Make this the year when you stop watching getting drawn into dramas , distracted by habitual headlines and car crash reporting. what are they selling to you, how are they influencing you, diminishing you, controlling you? and how are you mistaking it for personal choice, authenticity & self expression.

Start developing strategies that show & share your passion. Export your creativity, wear your nobility & courage in ways that inspire and define your purpose here.

Stop following , question the direction you are being led in. Is it satisfying? nourishing? stressful? sustainable ? Or is it leading you astray from what’s appropriate for you. Leaving your real business unattended, ignoring what’s already here in the room that perhaps needs your attention your participation. Forfeiting real intimacy & fulfilment for a false cause.

Start trusting who you are, where you are. Develop a prevalence for self verifying behaviours. Knowing how to make decisions as yourself, knowing what feels right, what’s really true here in this moment. Maybe it’s time to break some rules, and let your life speak.

Stop consuming , filling your life with false motivations, empty things, peer fears, political agendas, collective trivia, adopting enmity on behalf of those that don’t really care for you, know how to welcome you, inspire you towards your fullest expression.

Start creating, invest in enriching your personal environment, your experience, culture your tastes & sensibilities, define your personal voice, it’s unique sensibilities its natural wisdom & share it! Learn how to cultivate a beautiful mind, find ways to celebrate your beautiful life, passionately , generously, start here start now

Without hesitation.

Stockholm in the snow

Stockholm in the snow

Andres Noren