As a conversation,Vedic Meditation is always going to be about you. Always you.

Your story, your conditions of life, your experiences, your relationships.

Your unique take on the world & the precious invitation to turn up and take part in the only way you can.”


With the help of Vedic Meditation, I’ve lost that constant feeling of dread that would always arrive when I needed to make a decision of any kind. Fear I will get it wrong, or will be judged as inadequate or stupid.

With patience, warmth and practical support, Andres has helped improve my self awareness and confidence. I’m so much calmer in demanding situations, assertive in my decision making and clearer as to what my choices actually are.

Kate, PR Account Executive


I’ve been besieged by deadlines for longer than I can remember. It’s all I can measure anything by, gain pleasure and value from. And sustaining it at the cost of any real intimacy or shared experience has impoverished my life. In teaching me Vedic Meditation, Andres has revealed to me quite how tired and wired I was. And how trapped in a loop I’ve been. I now feel more rested, stable and less easily agitated. I’m better able to face the day without a starters gun. And have started to invest more time for myself, so I can begin to get to know my life a little better, and explore it with a little more enthusiasm.

Gavin, Post Production Director


Vedic Meditation has helped me tidy up my life. It’s no longer an unkempt, messy room. It’s becoming a cool and inviting place. Though it’s still recognisably my life, I get to explore it more fully and learn to value and cherish it more deeply. As Andres reminds me, I am a unique and unrepeatable moment. It’s important that I live it freely and fully.

Lukas, Furniture Designer & Maker


I have found a new peace in my life, and have finally begun to feel positive about myself. I’m still driven by desires for success and fulfillment, but not at the expense of my health and relationships. Vedic Meditation has made me less cynical and quick to judge, especially in situations that appear to threaten my points of view or self image. I’m now better prepared to entertain new ideas and I’m no longer afraid to change my mind - which in the past would have triggered great anxiety in me.

Christina, Financial Services


I have been languishing in and out of depression for years now. It has kept me on what felt like the outside of my life; never quite able to to fully engage and commit to anything or anyone before this dark blanket covers me. After many attempts at dealing with this problem, with limited success, I decided to give Vedic Meditation a try. It was its simplicity that threw me at first.
But Andres has a wonderful way of explaining how and why its simplicity is its power. His wit, insight and continuous support has helped me understand my condition as more like ‘something I wear, rather than something I’m confined to’.
I’m noticing more and more that my symptoms arise when I’m not being honest in attending to my own needs, or honouring my interests and passions by exploring them more fully.
As in reality, it’s in those moments that I really feel alive, and purposeful. Vedic Meditation has given me a graceful way back to myself. And I’m thankful for being here for the first time, in a long time.

Brian, Bookseller & Comic Book Artist


I’ve always been very ambitious, driven, some would say obsessively. I’ve never been able to justify stopping, taking a break. Weekends & holidays would always fill me with dread & sometimes loathing. Feeling like a waste of time when there is ‘so much left to do!’ Yet with all this manic business I’d forgotten how to have fun. I didn’t know how to enjoy anything other than the buzz of feeling busy. Yet at the same time I was always so tired, surviving on coffee to get me through the day, and a few drinks to get me to sleep at night. Even though it was never deep , and always filled with restlessness and anxiety. By the time I came to sit with Andres I was exhausted, my health was poor, my relationships in tatters. The colour had literally drained from my life. Learning how to stop, allowing myself time to really rest, let go of this continuous pushing and striving, that I now realise is clearly a form of madness!. This beautiful, simple technique. And Andres’s insightful and reassuring voice has literally given me a new way back into my life. It’s certainly delivered me a new gearbox! I’m so much better at investing my energy and my attention in measured, appropriate but no less effective ways. I’ve reclaimed simple pleasures, learnt to acknowledge and prioritise how I really feel. I truly understand what ‘self care‘ actually means. And how fundamental it is for ongoing success in every aspect of my life. Not simply in the pursuit of a single outcome or trophy.

Mo. Entrepreneur


I spent so much of my 20s feeling like the walls were closing in on me. I was constantly frantic and easily irked...always ready to blame my state of mind on cancelled trains or slow-moving people or the damp by the front door. I was rarely satisfied, always yearning, never able to accept things as they were. Underneath it all was a gnawing sense of “making do”, and somehow delaying the inevitable reckoning.
Learning to meditate was like stepping out of a darkened room and into an open sky. I discovered a sense of lightness; everything is so much clearer and brighter. I feel energised, empowered and increasingly at ease. As the weight of old standards fell away, I suddenly found myself noticing the truths that lay hidden and the deceits in plain view...I now get to choose to see the world differently every day. I’m learning to listen to what my heart is telling me, and to act on what I know to be true for me.

For all the changes that followed, I have never felt that meditation is turning me into a different person. If anything, it feels like I’m “coming back” to myself; not settling for less but settling in; finally at home in my life, in step with a new rhythm, in tune with my own needs and at last, living the life that I came here for.

Sophie. Communications Director


I’ve never been able to come to terms with a dread, a deep sense that I’m not fully here. That I’ve not been fully myself, fully dressed, like I’ve left the house and forgotten to put my underwear on! So I’ve always been deeply sensitive to other people’s opinions , needs & expectations. As I’m not sure how to express or attend to my own I find it almost impossible not to find myself agreeing, changing my mind, my plans so I’m available to serve or support. It’s a built in impulse that leaves me feeling like I haven’t actually made a choice at all!

So here I am sitting in this life, not feeling like I belong here, like I’m impersonating ( albeit very badly) this person that everyone else seems to recognise, expects from, depends upon. And I’m staring in the mirror thinking ‘ who the fuck are you?’

Andres put it beautifully “you have gone deep undercover, forgotten that you adopted a role. One that set out to please, be popular, feels safe. And now you feel deeply unsafe, as if you’ve finally blown your cover and no ones noticed but you” learning Vedic Meditation and working with him has been a true revelation, and a tangible rehabilitation. It’s turned down the unease & anxiety, that used to run through me like a draught. Giving me time and space to ease out of this “ill fitting and unseasonable outfit’” And start to reflect on how I truly feel in this body. I’ve started noticing this inner something. That’s familiar but I’d forgotten what it is or what it’s for. Yet It’s guiding me back to what feels more like me, slowly putting me back in tune. Enabling me to start making decisions for and as myself. And how to turn up fully present , fully dressed ( knickers intact) confident & curious about everything that’s going to happen next.

Portrait of Sara who works in publishing.