From a quiet place

Encountering Vedic Meditation is like one of those matchless moments, one of those unexpected meetings or conversations that life gifts us that simply changes everything. Yet its impact is so subtle, so natural, that we can’t accurately recall its arrival or ever remember life without it. Yet what we can stand by, is that it began to give us the clarity, curiosity & courage to

R e d i r e c t. our attention away from what troubles us, distracts us, keeps us out of reach of what’s really important & essential to what our lives really need.

R e l a x  the vice like grip that keeps all that we think with, feel with, relate with, locked in a state of conflict & agitation. 

R e l e a s e  the stresses, strains, fears & fantasies that have become patterned, recursive, conditioning the way we see, meet & greet the world.

R e s t o r e  balance, peace, presence, purpose to our living conditions. To our repertoire, to our style, to our relationships.

R e v i e w  our dependencies, attachments, investments, obligations, motivations & beliefs. Are they still relevant, equitable, nourishing, true? Do they support or do they diminish our choices & limit our development, our trust, our joy.

R e v e a l  a different story is in the offering in every moment. A new way of being in the world. A clearer way of seeing, a warmer way of feeling what is waiting for us. What is worthy of us. And what our best gifts really are.

R e n e w  our vows, our commitment to be fully here. Present, available, welcoming to the invitation to live life in the only way we can, in the only place we can. Right here, as us ,right now.

Liverpool St 7am

Liverpool St 7am

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