Turning back towards yourself again

Sometimes all it takes is a moment to look again. Without the pressure of focus , or the need to find a target or secure a fix. We might appreciate more of what hasn’t been noticed or valued before . Sometimes all it takes is permission to put it down. Have we got too used to the weight we’ve been carrying, mistaking  that feeling of numbness, the burden of sameness as a measure of our purpose of our self worth. Sometimes we need to step down from, step away from the bait of future success. The stories that promise productivity is fulfilment, acquisition leads to happiness. And begin to notice that we have stopped having any affinity or affection for where we are being driven, for what we have been investing our attention in. Sometimes it’s essential to arrest that momentum, come to ground and have no direction. Nothing left to say in this conversation, other than to let that pause sink in & spread, let the silence lead you to where you really are. Moving you closer in , showing  you what’s really here. All the exquisite ways you have been made to be, to say & do all the things that bring you alive. That bring life to you, in ways that only you can fully embrace, care for and never leave home without it again. (Photo of Théo )

Andres Noren