The wisdom of the lost & found

If we made a mess of yesterday then there’s always today, there’s always a chance to put it right, tidy up a little, tie back together those lose threads that can still hold you in place. Then you can let go of the need to continuously judge it. Simply know that you met it in the only way you could, carried it with the only care you were capable of, and tended it with all the attention you could stretch to. There’s a deep rightness to everything thats here, everyone thats connected to you. Its coloured  by a sense of appropriateness, a vein of fullness already flowing through everything that happens. Our truth can only be felt by degrees, how aware are we of the patterns of causation coming together , sensitive to how inextricable, appreciate how inevitable any arrival ultimately is. That things happen because it’s the only way they can . It’s taken all your dids and didn’ts, all your here’s & theres, haves & haven’ts for all this to move and shape its way into the light, into your life.

All we can do is be a little stiller, become a little quieter, listen & feel a little deeper to what is arriving, and try to welcome it like a friend you’ve always known yet lost, only to find again when you needed them the most ( Portrait of Chidi who is an actor)

Andres Noren