Gravity & grace

Maybe he walked on water as a way of showing us that there is never a surface, a situation that we can’t find our balance on. How to tread lightly, be sure footed on uneven ground at uncertain times. How to adapt, shift our weight our attention our trust to how the surface is reshaping, where the path is redirecting. How it feels in our hearts, under our feet. So we don’t mis-take. mis-step, mid-handle. What’s changing, leaving and arriving.

There are always signals that can give us a sense of direction stepping stones that support & steady us. An internal faculty that’s self righting. Like A spirit level that always keeps us true. So we are always dressed and appropriately placed to meet the unknown, to accept the unseen, and welcome the unnamed as if we ourselves had made the invitation.

Photo of Chloe who is a ballet dancer

Andres Noren