Signals of transition

Whatever health & wholeness is for us, it requires the realigning of our outer conditions of life with our internal landscape , our inner climate. When the path we are on is right for us, then there is energy available to care & culture. When what we are doing is insufficient , too small , or no longer relevant for us, we can temporarily mobilise this energy in service of  goals that are out of step with our real needs. But in time such forced adaptation, and investment lead to irritability, frustration anger, burn out. Signals of distress that what we are attending to, striving for isnt right, something is telling us that this isn’t sustainable, appropriate, authentic. This “feeling function” supports us, gives us direction. It is an evaluative process that confirms the rightness of our actions & choices. Even if at face value it seems irrational and isn’t endorsed by those around us.

When we respond to this felt invitation from life. Affinity rises, that carries with it an inherent sense of purpose, meaning & satisfaction. Even if what emerges or arrives is challenging at first, brings temporary pain or conflict. It is a natural symptom or signal of transition. Living our personal authority directs something that is always calling to be served, voiced through us. As vocation.

To refine this conversation, deepen this intimacy we need to pause. Invest in moments of stillness, that will help us sort & sift through everything that’s been stuck & stubbornly suppressed, silencing this voice. Limiting our self expression, and diminishing our courage to fully embrace this unique opportunity to be here.

There is an inescapable summons to show up as ourselves. It is enduring and can be uncompromising in its attempts to reach you. Challenging all the ways you are governed by the past by fear and a sense of insufficiency.

It is in these moments of recognition & insight that something can resound,  awaken,. Encouraging you to become a shade braver. And reclaim a little more from the vaults of your history  Restore a little more authority, a little more trust in how your life wants to speak.

Kate by the roadside

Kate by the roadside

Andres Noren