A song of your own

Perhaps the constant pressure & drive to achieve, acquire, succeed is the true cause of  our unease, our despair our distress? Or more precisely, it’s the investments of our energy & attention on the  roles , relationships , trophies for which we have no real affinity or affection. Maybe we haven’t enquired sufficiently, found clarity on what it is that best expresses our deepest possibilities , our imagination and it’s yearnings to speak. If we leave this unaccounted for then we will have to push, strive,  try again & again to force a square peg into a round hole. It will eventually yield, but will never sit ‘true’ And will always  feel inauthentic, Ill fitting . Yet the attachment to the out come , the story of completion, finding fulfilment by finally ‘making it’ will cost us, eventually hit us hard.  Depleted, tired & wired we limp until we’ve nothing left to give.

Vedic Meditation is not an antidote or a tool we can wilfully employ to enable, support or justify this mindset and it’s motivations.

Instead it reveals the true equity in our investments. That perhaps they are being run at very low rates of exchange. That in reality there is a deeper part of us that’s been voicing concern, applying injunctions, registering complaints. That you are being enslaved, a hostage to an idea, a dependency an identity that you have no business promoting or enduring. That your ‘to do’ list has become an indictment, a charge sheet that you have accepted complicity and guilt for.

Vedic Meditation restores our relationship with how we are made. And allows us to honour the achievement that you already are a unique expression and precious embodiment of.

It took Natures intelligence eons to get you here. Tailored and made to measure. So perhaps our task is to truly inhabit this garment, this place. Discover what brings it to life, what purpose is it filled with? How it signals it’s intent through our thoughts , feelings, perceptions, imaginings, desires.

If what you are carrying keeps hurting you, it’s ok to stop for a while. If it’s frustrating you, exhausting you, then it’s ok to put it down.

Let go, step back, step away. Redirect your attention back to a singular affection. Surrender to that tender embrace. That will carry your burden for now. A wholeheartedness that will mind us into a real conversation with everything that’s been expecting us. Everyone that’s been waiting for us. Waiting to befriend us, cherish us, challenge us,  but always allowing us to sing a song of our own.

portrait of Charley , Jazz singer

Andres Noren