A quiet apprenticeship

Vedic Mediation is a commitment to turning back towards ourselves again. It  is a powerful apprenticeship to the way we are made. We can’t be anybody else. So it’s essential that we disciple ourselves  to the practice and process of our own personal growth. Our own manner of being. This will ultimately promote another perspective, another way of addressing life. Challenging the assumptions, or inherited prescriptions about what the purpose & meaning of our lives is supposed to be. Perhaps with our full attendance & participation. We may begin to recognise, realise  & recommit to a singular fact: that I am here, I am now, and I have everything I need to be fully me. And it’s in the acceptance of this fullness, like the way we feel when we receive & unwrap a gift, that supports our journey into life. There is no without. Only wonder at all the possibilities my life could shape. In all the directions my path would take. But we must learn to stay close to ourselves, trust in our own inner compass, not wander off the path onto somebody else’s. Your purpose is the treading of your own singular path & the meaning is inherent in this unfolding &  intimate process. It’s in the way you arrive, what you bring, how you share it & how you take your leave, with an embrace that leaves all you have touched treasured & forever transformed.

Portrait of Agnes

Andres Noren