There is a light

Underneath the surface of our lives a natural source of vision and personal agency has always been urgently at work. Sometimes we can discern its intentions, feel its invitation and align our conscious choices to it. But most of the time it languishes like a light shining at the bottom of a well, into which very few would venture unless absolutely necessary. We do not choose this light , it seeks us. And always has. If one reflects on the thread of interests, passions, aspirations that have  continuously run through the core of our lives, and how our awareness of them turns to scattered attention towards the vicissitudes of fate & family, the intervention of forces over which we had little or no control. The collusive choices of our own culture & its quisling ego. Yet there are moments when we pick up that faint impulse, sense that familiar scent on the breeze that quietly reminds us of what our lives are really about. Of course it will be different for each of us, even when themes are similar, the paths will be unique. There is no clear path across the sea, the surface always obscures any visible passage, yet if we trust life again we can feel the gentle currents pulling towards another shore. Like a lighthouse summoning each of us by its familiar pulse. Finding & following ones own light, with whatever resources are left to us as adults will help recover what the child in us intuited but was unable to enact. Breaking a vow that perhaps we get a second chance to recover and honour. This will direct us towards our deeper purpose. An inner wealth that’s always been there waiting to be claimed. An unlived life waiting for us to finally arrive.

Andres Noren