Revealing interior forms into life.

We are all creative, each one of us is seeded with this expressive impulse. We are creative when we are asleep and dreaming, we are creative the moment we open our eyes and meet & great the world a new. We are creating when we speak, sing & cry. Indeed we have been immersed in creative intelligence from before our arrival here . The unfurling of cells , that arrange themselves in symphony towards the moment of our birth, creativity nurtured us when we took our first breath, the first beat of our heart, our first taste of sweetness, our first steps and spoke our first words. Creativity will continue to embrace us until the end of our lives. Undressing us from this shape, hanging up that unique garment for another day. Creativity permeates the entire cosmos in exactly the same way. It is the driving force that sustains elementary particles, stars and galaxies and even the flow of time itself. It is that compelling power that directs swallows on their long and arduous pilgrimage. That drives the flower to open towards the sun. It is so much a part of all of us that we can be forgiven for sometimes forgetting its constant call. We all have access to this creativie intelligence. At times we summon it to use in our work and daily lives. Yet at other times, creativity can feel like a fundamental force that makes use of us as its instrument, its vehicle. It can arrive coded in dream, or spontaneously fully formed as insight or inspiration. Sometimes it requires years of diligence & patience in the culturing of a scientific theory, story or symphony.

One thing is certain, creativity is ever present & continuous. It is an essential expression of our fundamental nature. It is a force to be shaped enjoyed and sometimes endured, but above all It is to be celebrated. For it is always alive, spontaneous and free.

portrait of Mikaela and little Lulu

Andres Noren