A new beginning, a new belonging

Stop for a moment, take a look around you. Relax your gaze,  no need for focusing or grasping . Really look. Everything & everyone here in the room with you right now and as far as you can see belongs to this world in a particular way. An essential way. We may share common features & themes with each other. Yet these qualities are conceived & shaped in such a way that there is no other person that belongs to this world quite the way you do. There is no other part of creation that can take your place. There never could be. Throughout all of time nothing will ever appear again wearing your name &  form, with its particular expression, it’s indelible characteristics, it’s tastes, it’s fears & desires . We are in fact this astonishing moment. An intersection of all life’s possibilities. So our belonging isn’t up for discussion. Simply find a way to accept this fact. Let go of doubt. Challenge your feelings of insufficiency. And the thinking that echoes these sentiments incessantly.

Everything and everyone is always waiting with anticipation for you to take your place.

And if you did stop, looked  & listened in a way that really let the world in, you would realise that life is always organising   Itself for that arrival. That deep sense of belonging that we struggle with is in fact its invitation.

So if you gave yourself that break, stopped running in circles. Interfering with everything..Slowed down a little. You would notice that it’s always attempting to help you take your place. 

This doesn’t call for a special or radical kind of doing! In fact it requires a radical kind of undoing. A courageous form of allowing. A new kind of trust 

That tenderly takes us home. And brings us fully here. The only place we can be.

So stop for a moment, take a look around you….

portrait of Sonia

Andres Noren