Seeing beyond surface appearances.

“ when your eyes are tired, the world becomes tired too” John Burnside

If we leave our viewpoints unattended, our ways of seeing unconsidered. Like windows left uncleaned, overtime as dust and dirt accumulates the view will begin to change. A once bright and beautiful scene can become increasingly dull and unappealing to the eye. The windows and view remain the same. The only difference is the layer of grime that has settled between the two. Our states of mind and corresponding physiological shape condition our world view. Our collected stresses & strains, fears and fatigue can fabricate a story we then continuously tell ourselves about our lives. One that becomes a belief that keep us separate and remote from the fullness, the brightness that our lives could contain. should reveal. This corresponds to the dust and dirt that accumulates over time creating a dynamic and ever spreading filter through which our thoughts, memories, emotions, sensations and perceptions are coloured and conditioned. Keeping our moment to moment experience insecure, insubstantial or fearful. Vedic Meditation is a powerful housekeeping device that can help us upgrade our conditions of life.

The more we can remove these layers of limitation, the greater the clarity we can reclaim, the deeper our stability and ability to hold the freshness of the world as it arrives. intensifying a flavour of profound well being and friendship with our lives. This experience is not something we create but something uncovered, revealed again, like the view that was always waiting beyond the clouded window.

Photo taken in an abandoned schoolhouse in Galicia , Spain

Photo taken in an abandoned schoolhouse in Galicia , Spain

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