A different kind of welcome

What if today you awake and meet the day with a different kind of welcome. What if everything you do today , everything you see,  touch & taste. Every sentence, every situation, every invitation every challenge every disappointment, every surprise. Every greeting & every parting. Wasn't something you had to overcome, tame or keep.  But was treated & tended as if it was a living thing. Not an object for us to covet and conserve but something that breathes and expresses a necessity. For you to be present to it, to know it , to interact with it.

 So before we rush to name it and frame it. Stop and consider what it might need from you? What can you bring that it could only receive from you? How does your presence & participation shape it, change it, help it grow & evolve ? How does your appreciation, patience & understanding enrich it , strengthen it? 

If we learnt to hold life with all its tensions & contradictions gently, openly, we may come to realise that it may be actually reflecting how we’ve arrived, reacting to our mistrust, our doubt, our neediness, our fear. Everything is in relationship to everything else. Thus we are in a continuous process of co creation. Across a vast, complex living field of form & phenomena to which we are inevitably & inextricably connected. 

So what if today you awake and meet the day with a different kind of welcome….

Portrait of Marta

Portrait of Marta

Andres Noren