Returning to the central conversation

Leo Tolstoy once wrote that an idea only becomes truly alive, is fully realised, when it gives us the feeling that we know it already, know it by heart, and were simply recalling it. Re-cognising it. This was how he felt about the mystery of existence. And how the revelation of how the universe brought us here, brought us to life. Changed his relationship with everything.

“It all seemed so familiar. It seemed that I had known it all long ago, and that I had only forgotten it”

Sometimes that feeling can arise in us again When we look at the ocean or a starry night. Hold a loved one close. read poetry or listen to beautiful music. We glimpse a reflection of something profound that’s present in these moments of wonder, in those whispering words and shimmering notes that is also tangible within all of us, the holiness of our hearts, the intimacy and intensity in the felt presence of immediate experience, that dances through our senses enlivening our bodies.

We have always carried this understanding within us. We simply need to be reminded of it. And now, perhaps more than ever before, we desperately need to hear it and feel it again and again. People are losing trust in their own lives, trust in their own imaginations, their own unique incarnation. Succumbing to fears, creative longing and despair.  We must return to that inner conversation, awaken that part of us that’s ever present yet always waiting to be born a new. A reincarnation in every moment.

The purpose of Vedic meditation is to reveal “the dearest freshness of deep down things” to disclose the secret of turning your life around, and of living more freely and more abundantly. Revealing the loving secret that is always offered as a gift when we least expect it. That will tenderly and persistently dress our wounds and address the fractured relationship with our lives. Restoring its beauty, its dignity, its unique iridescence. So we can recover our lost faculty for self awareness, self acceptance. And refine our right to be fully here. Directing our gifts, back into the world again. Learning how to dance again, how to laugh again, how to love again.

Portrait of Nash. Visionary, stylist

Andres Noren