The secret of a larger happiness

What if happiness wasn’t something we get at the end of what we want, feeding what we lack, catching what we chase?

What if it was what we simply always arrive in, carry within, That we apply & shape like a an artist uses a medium , or a dancer articulates as they respond to changing rhythm.

What we could perhaps aspire to, is the rendering of this unconditional colour, in the pursuit of depth. A depth of experience, of understanding, A density & intensity of connectedness with life. Responding to the inevitable challenges, invitations, closures, opportunities with clarity, discernment & generosity. Ultimately It’s how we welcome, interact & adapt to what’s arriving that matters most. It determines what we do next. What we’ve understood, what we’ve allowed & accepted.

It enables us to take a step further into trust, into acceptance, That this is how it had to be, And I can let go of the need to judge it, dwell & overthink it. That I did my best, and that it’s always enough.

Your happiness then extends & embraces a much broader range of experiences. holds unconditionally all our changing states & stories. Carries our purpose and meaning throughout this conversation like a answer that’s freely given

Happiness perhaps is a process, that inspires a promise , to be fully here, to be fully human.

Goat Herder Uttar Kand, India

Goat Herder Uttar Kand, India

Andres NorenComment